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R3265 R3271

Trouble on power supply

 This page is on the report of the failure of 2* WBL-3265PW sub-assembly used on

Advantest Spectrum Analyzer R3265/R3271.


Most of chimical capacitor (ELNA manufacturer, brown color) may have a small electrolyte leakage on the main board.

Unfortunately this may stop the power suppy.


 Power supply investigated is DPS-002190.(older may be DPS-002093)


DPS date code 92-1: failure end of 2001 (installed on R3271), the power supply was replaced by a new one.

I investigate the old one, that have been kept, few days ago. (small electrolyte leakage, under C142 pattern + 20v / -15v burnt (carbon)).

80 to 90 % of Elna capacitor have a small electrolyte leakage.

DPS date code 92-2 failure now (installed on R3265) also the fan seems not powered and the internal temperature seems have been increased before the failure.(small electrolyte leakage, under C142 + 20v pattern cutted) cleaned and the pattern repaired, the instrument is temporary ok. (the problem for the fan must fixed and all the capacitor renewed)


A third instrument have no failure:

DPS date code 92-1 no failure (installed on R3271) (small electrolyte leakage) The board will be inspected later.


The big but thin power supply.... top/bottom boards (All ELNA capacitors are removed and 80% replaced by Panasonic FM capacitors on this picture)

Critical area.


DPS date code 92-1


 Burnt under C142


After a simple cleaning (C52 was removed in order to have an easier access), less than 90 Ohms found between -15v and +20v pattern. The power supply switches in security mode.

After complete cleaning (carbon powder removed) > 1 MOhm , the power supply is ok but all chemical capacitors must be renewed. This have started with Panasonic FM serie capacitor.


DPS date code 92-2

Pattern is cutted...for the +20v output. Then the current sense detect an overload and the power supply switches in security mode.

Now the reason why the fan don't run....


CN3 connector is for the fan



The pattern is also cutted under C30, then no power on the connector for the fan.

 On this board the leakage was more important but the run time was shorter.


My R3265/3271 have the same failure, please give details


To be continued....